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July 19, 2018

Amanda and Alex – Guelph Engagment Session

Alright you guys! I finally feel like I am getting a good hold on all my editing I need to do – still a few weddings to go for sure, but at least plenty of progress has been made since camping last weekend – including this sweet, sweet engagement session for Amanda and Alex! SO, I thought since it was about time I blogged again that I would start off with this session!

We did this session in Guelph – starting at the Red Brick Cafe! They wanted to recreate their first date which was a coffee date downtown Guelph and a walk at the Arboretum where they managed to get kind of lost going back to their cars – and so just for a special treat for them, I led them down an unknown path to me at the Arboretum to completed the getting lost portion of their date!

I worked with Amanda when I was working as a vet tech at Campus Estates Animal Hospital here in Guelph – we got along great and she was my favourite assistant to work with so I was pretty over the moon when she asked me to take their engagement photos and it was so fun catching up! Amanda is now in vet school which is SUPER cool.

Enjoy some of my favourites of their session – downtown and at the arboretum right here in Guelph!!