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January 29, 2018

Chris and Micaela

Where do I begin…

I met Chris of Chris Sosa Photography in my online International Academy of Wedding Photographers course just over two years ago. We both joined up around the same time when they first started the course, and we both need to finish all the courses yet – but hey, business is doing well so it is really hard to find the time! I plan to work on mine over the next few months and try finish it up before wedding season is back in full swing. Anyway, back onto #chrisandmicaela. So Chris and I had chatted a few times and got to know each other and became friends online. Chris lives in Florida. I finally met Chris for the first time at the Showit Conference in Arizona this past November. He stayed on the couch at the air b-n-b a few of us girls were staying at together for the first night before the conference, and we got to hang out a bit over the next few days at the conference!

Micaela, of Micaela Joy Photography, is one of the girls who stayed at the air b-n-b with us, is also from Guelph, but funny enough she was not there the same night that Chris was at our air b-n-b – ultimately she took his spot on the couch the nights following as he went to the hotel for the rest and she arrived after Ariana and I already did (my other photographer friend from Guelph). Micaela was already friends with Ariana recently through one of their online courses together and so Ariana introduced Micaela to me before going to the conference and we got to chat a few times online. The conference was so busy, and Micaela was also sick so she did not stay late most nights; that we did not actually get a ton of time to hang out together, but still hung out enough that we figured out pretty quickly that we got along great! We also swapped headshots for each other up at Camelback Mountain at sunset one evening which was super fun. But while at the actual conference – Chris and I hung out but he was never with me when I was also hanging out with Micaela, and so they only really remember maybe saying hi to each other once! I knew she lived in Guelph and found out after we arrived home that she is actually just around the corner from me (close enough to walk – and we walk past all the time with our dogs!)

Now you are probably wondering – how on earth is this a #unitedlovestory then?! If they did not even get to know each other at the conference?! Well, if you attended this Showit conference, you know just how many ladies that are there vs. the number of gentlemen. Granted, majority of these ladies are #taken BUT out of all the ladies there, I get a message from Chris the day after we get home asking me if I happen to know this girl that caught his eye – Micaela Jimenez.

And so it began.

I won’t get into a lot of the details as some of that is personal and private and up to them to share, but I will say I was in the middle of this strange triangle for the first couple weeks while they figured things out! LOL! BUT I was convinced they would be really good together and I was happy to help out however I could. One example that I remember was Chris calling me saying – “do you think I should face time her? I don’t know, I don’t want to freak her out but it’s too hard to talk over messenger and I just want to talk to her.” This was after they had been messaging just a little bit. Shortly after Chris talked to me, I get a message from Micaela – “umm, Chris said he wants to facetime me and I don’t know how I feel about it – what do you think I should do?! I’m scared he wants too much from me and I may not be ready for that…” After calming her down that he is totally okay with just being friends too he just wants to chat and try to get to know each other and convincing her it would be fine and that maybe she should just tell him her story (as I did not feel it was my place to tell him what I talked with her about) and that he would understand, adding in what a great guy Chris is, as often as possible LOL.

Then Chris wanted to break the tension, so we thought of a few plans but after they messaged a bit more he found out she was just as into Avengers as he was and asked me if I thought wearing his spiderman mask for their first face time would be too dumb. I said it was a PERFECT way to break the nerves and tension right at the start and sounded like something she would find really funny and it’s just SO Chris. And let’s just say that facetime conversation went on for a really, really, REALLY long time and Chris was already over the moon for her. It took Micaela only a little bit longer to get over her fears and let herself fall for him. After that, Chris sent me random gifts from Amazon for Micaela over the next month, he sent me money so I could go Christmas gift shopping for her, and we dropped it off as a surprise at her doorstep when they had their Christmas face time date. Chris and I planned his surprise trip here – which ended up turning into me planning a “girls shopping trip/reunion to Buffalo so that we could surprise Micaela at Target! There were so many roadblocks but we got around them all, right to the very end too – we literally drove into the Target parking lot at the same time, I drove past the Uber that Chris was in!! It was such a close call, but he just stood backwards with his hood on by a bench at Target, I whispered to Ariana to get Micaela INTO the Target ASAP and then I pretended to forget my phone so I could go back out and get Chris!!  … and now I’m gonna say the typical thing, the rest is history! Chris was supposed to stay here for a week but he extended his trip for two more weeks (we kicked him out of our house after two weeks as I had surgery), and now I found out he is staying even longer! I am SO HAPPY for you guys and I hope and pray that things work out for you two. You are so good together! For anyone else reading, the rest of their story you will just have to ask them about, as it is their story to tell! I am happy they let me share my side of it! 🙂

He likes bow ties, she likes dresses.

He plays, she sings.

She gets a cup, he gets a cone.

He’s a night owl, she’s an early bird.

She likes blush, he likes navy.

He likes winter, she likes summer.

They both love photography.

Now, enjoy some SUPER CUTE photos of them. Obviously, I got #firstdibs on doing these. We had a lot of fun! Hard to believe the short time they have been together and that this was their first time taking photos together – they crushed it!

(And no, these are not engagement photos!)

Chris and Micaela at Goldie Mill Park in Guelph, ON 🙂

hope you enjoyed!