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P.T. Barnum

November 6, 2019

Deanna and Cameron – Rebel Creek Golf Club Wedding

Deanna and Cameron held their beautiful wedding day at Rebel Creek Golf Club! It was a very cloudy and rainy day but we made it work for their photos – taking the opportunities to grab photos where we could in between downpours!

They had the sweetest first look, surrounded by their bridal party – and their adorable little daughter even joined in on the first look which created such a sweet moment! I feel like their personalities really shine through in their photos, especially when they are together and I am so happy that I could create these genuine memories for them!

Unfortunately, it started raining during their outdoor ceremony right after the rings were exchanged – but it provided some comic relief as there was no way she was taking a chance on her hair and makeup getting ruined and Deanna went running to get inside before it totally poured! They finished their ceremony inside and then we went back outside for a few more photos of just the two of them while it was only raining a little.

They had a lovely celebration with their closest family and friends and once the reception got going they were just ready to mingle, catch up and celebrate with everyone, and dance the night away!

Enjoy some of my favourites from their special day!