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May 7, 2020

Katy and Brett – Backyard Ontario Wedding – A Long Expected Party

“A Long Expected Party” was the theme for Katy and Brett’s beautiful wedding day. I could also say this is a “long expected blog post” – I am honestly so terrible at staying on top of blogging during my busy season and I am promising myself that this is going to be a goal of mine for 2020 because I can’t believe I have not shared this beautiful wedding on here yet for you guys!!!

Katy and I went to college together when we were both studying to become vet techs! Funny enough, we are both on different paths now but super happy and so thankful that we met so that I got to capture this very special day! I met Brett at the engagement shoot I did with the two of them in the winter and we had SO much fun. He is funny, kind, handsome – and I remember how much Katy loved to have fun and laugh and there is an abundance of that when they’re together, AND he handles her sassy/spicy side so well too, they are a great match.

Katy and Brett’s wedding day couldn’t come soon enough. I was so excited. I pulled up to Katy’s parents house in Caledon and was blown away by everything they had set up in the yard. The ceremony spot and the reception tent looked great. It was so magical! The wedding was very mainly themed to things from The Hobbit. Katy spent months and months making all of her own decorations that turned out amazing, and her dad literally built their own hobbit hole/door in their yard just for his daughter’s wedding! How sweet is that?

It was a beautiful sunny day and we got some really beautiful photos with the wedding party, their family, and of the couple. I had the always lovely Cara Chapman shooting along side me that day too.

Katy looked like a whimsical, fairy-like, just stunning, and magical bride! Brett looked very handsome in his suspenders and navy, and he was such a good sport all day for photos. They both looked SO happy and they were surrounded with love from their family and friends.

From dino suits, to cake smearing, theatrical performances by mothers, shots, dance-offs – the reception was full of JOY and lots of LAUGHS! It was an amazing day and I am so grateful I got to capture it for them.

Katy and Brett – I hope you can relive your day through these photos and that you have the happiest, most blessed marriage! Remember all those beautiful words you said and heard that day, and hold on tight to those memories, and to each other! love you guys. <3

here are my favourites from their day – warning there is like A LOT! 😀