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P.T. Barnum

September 8, 2018

Olivia’s Beach Sunset Photoshoot at Macgregor Point Provincial Park

Stealing this quote from Olivia herself (and the princess diaries DUH):

“I’m a girl who loves black and is wearing pink”
~ Lilly Moscovitz ~


I was so happy when Olivia agreed to take some time out of her relaxing camping experience to get a little glammed up and wear my gala dress from the conference I went to last November! I have been wanting to do a water photoshoot for so long, just needed the right opportunity and the right model – and wowee, did I EVA find both of those things!

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, your sunset and the water and waves that day did not disappoint.

It was perfection.

I was living the dream.

The amount of times I said oh my gooooodnessss!! OR wow! GURL! YAASSS! OR you are killing ITTT!! OR ok girl, I see you! OR… OK I am literally DED right now… and you know, things like that.

We may have missed the family group photo time at sunset point, but I must say – I think this was totally worth it!

Thanks Olivia, for being an amazing model, trusting my vision and helping it come to life! You rocked that dress better then I ever did and I am so glad that I brought the flower crown too as it worked out perfectly! You listened to all my crazy ideas and poses – like laying right in that chilly water in a dress until I got that shot I wanted, and I am so thankful for how these turned out! Thank you for bringing my creative spark back to life!



…. that time the water was REAL chilly.