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August 16, 2018

Our first time home buyer’s adventure!

I thought that it was time for a personal update! These last few months have been insane!! First, I want to thank my clients and friends and family for their patience if my responses have not been as quick as usual and if my availability has been limited! I really appreciate all of you!! Second, I want to say thank you for the many inquiries for family photography. I know that this is the time of year people also want to have those done, and I love the opportunity to still take photos for families. I am sorry that my availability is limited due to weddings every weekend, and I appreciate your understanding that my availability for family shoots is only during the week!

Not only is it my busiest time of year for wedding/other photography, we have also been trying to continue with our adoption process, AND we decided, hey, what a perfect time to start looking for our first home! It was SO exciting at first, browsing the market, constantly texting our amazing real estate agent Anita about what house we wanted to look at next. I will be honest with you, as exciting as it all was, it became tiring and overwhelming pretty quickly!

Looking for houses was constantly on my mind. Every day I would spend time browsing the houses for sale, seeing if anything new came up. Every week that went by we would end up looking at a house or two. Spend an hour or so browsing through a home and deciding if it is a good fit for you. It is so time consuming! We really hoped that we would find a house in Guelph, as we love it here! We love our community, we love our church, being close to our friends, and our family. Scott’s work is in Guelph, and my photography business is based out of Guelph currently too, however we became a bit discouraged due to the prices in Guelph. It came to our attention that with our budget we just could not find what we were hoping for in Guelph! We looked at many homes in Guelph – but often they were much too small or too much work needed, and so we started to think about what we could eliminate and still be happy with here in Guelph – we even started looking at some condo/townhomes, but nothing felt like the right fit.

The first home we offered on actually ended up being in Kitchener! East end, so not too far from Guelph and from the things that are important to us. We did not end up fighting for that home, there was similar offers and since it was our first place we offered on and did not have everything we hoped for, we did not change our offer and so we were not accepted. We carried on, trusting that God has a plan for us and knowing that when the right one comes along we would know.

The next place we offered on was in Cambridge! And this is the house that we bought!! It is in Hespeler Village area, so nice and close to Guelph – still about the same distance to Scott’s work from where we are in Guelph right now, and a great central location to everything we need. Plus this home had everything we were looking for! 3 bedrooms, a finished basement, potential for upgrading and making it our own, a beautiful spacious kitchen with all the appliances including a dishwasher, an already fenced yard with a deck, and a garage! Across the road is a spacious park, and all around us some more beautiful trails for walking the dogs. We loved downtown Hespeler – very cute, reminded us a bit of downtown Guelph and they are doing some upgrades on the town too. We fought for this home. This place felt perfect for us. It felt worth fighting for. It felt like a place we could really make our home.

I have honestly felt nauseous so many times in the last few weeks, because everything has happened SO fast! We offered on August 1st, we were accepted on August 3rd and since then it has been a whirlwind of getting everything organized, signed, and paid for so that we can close this deal up for Friday, August 17th.

We would like to thank our real estate agent and dear friend, Anita VanRootselaar for helping us find our perfect home. Though we did not end up in Guelph we got about as close as we can get to Guelph, while having a Cambridge address and we got the type of home that we were really hoping for. Thank you for always keeping us (*cough cough* me) in check. Anita knows me so well since they were our next door neighbours when I was growing up, and we spent a lot of time around them. She knows I am quick to jump on new adventures and won’t hold back, even when sometimes you should ask more questions or take a little more time with it. Thank you for putting up with all our messages and questions, and for always answering us. Thanks for making these first time home buyers feel like there were no silly questions. Thanks for helping us decide when to look at a house, when and what to offer on a house, and for helping us with all the crazy paperwork involved! If you are looking for a real estate agent, and especially if it is your first time buying a home – Anita is your gal! We are also thankful for Price Team Mortgages, our amazing broker for being on top of everything, keeping us organized, and for having a sense of humour to lighten up the mood when buying a house can just be stressful! Finally, thank you to our lawyer Mark Graham for being really personable, professional and easy to work with!

I can not wait to finally have those keys in our hands to our first home! The stressful part of buying our home will be over, the excitement and anticipation can truly begin! Last week when everything was starting to firm up, we went back to our home with the dogs to take some photos for us to post on our Instagram’s and share the news! We walked the dogs around the park, and took a photo in front of the house.

We met some of our soon to be neighbours, and they were so kind! They told us about the other neighbours close by us, how long everyone had lived there, and that they were excited to see a couple like us moving in there, as the tenants who lived there before us did not treat the place or the neighbourhood very well. We are so excited to join this lovely little neighbourhood and make this place our home, hopefully for a while too!!

Now I mentioned our adoption process at the beginning of this post. A big push for us to start looking for a home was also because we did not feel that we could bring a child into this basement apartment where we live currently. It is already “filled to capacity” with us, our stuff, our two dogs, and our bird. We felt that it would be overwhelming for us to continue down the adoption road without being settled into a home comfortably first. We feel truly blessed that God placed us on this path and that we were able to find a home fairly quickly. We ask for prayers that we will be able to get settled here easily, and then be able to continue with the adoption process and home study once we are ready!

When I can find the time, I will try to write a post about our PRIDE adoption course/training that we took back in April. It was such a valuable course and we are thankful for the time that we have had to absorb it all since then. In the meantime, we have also continued to learn more about adoption, think about what road we would like to take, and we have made many new friendships and connections with other adoptive families! God has been so good to us, he is ever faithful, and we continue to trust in his plan for us.